Charcoal BBQ temperature controller has never been so easy and fun thanks to this new specific smartPID application that allow you to grill to perfection controlling both PID and FOOD temperature with PID precision. The remote control capabilities allow you can cook delicious meat and fish dishes without the need to control your BBQ day and night and you can enjoy lot of advanced cooking features to become a real pitmaster !

Key Features

SmartPID BBQ application control charcoal bbq temparature based on a simple principle: mage a blow fan speed and air flow on the charcoal to regulate the PIT temperature.

The use of such a simple but effective techniques allow to keep temperature constant in your BBQ or smoker also for long period and beside this the use of a blow speed up the fire start with no or much less smoke

  • Dual channel PIT/FOOD control
  • Multiple operation mode
    • monitor
    • manual (fan speed manual regulated)
    • standard mode (fan speed PID regulated)
    • advanced mode (advanced cooking programs)
  • PID – PWM fan speed regulation 0-100%
  • Tachometer fan speed indication
  • Temperature threshold and alarm indication
  • Advanced cooking features
    • LID open detection
    • food temperature stall detection
    • rest temperature
    • differential cooking
  • Wifi connection and remote control

Technical Specifications

Smartpid BBQ has been designed to adapt to any BBQ/Smoker set up and support great variety of probes and fans. Below main technical characteristic

Dual channel PIT and FOOD temperature control
Precise and stable PIT temperature control for perfect cooking2
PID-PWM fan speed control algorithm to ensure maximum precision and stability
Support of NTC thermistor (multiple values) as well K-type thermocouple
Support of different 12v DC fan types:
- 2 wires
- 3 wires (with tachometer)
- 4 wires (PWM speed control)
Dual power supply options:
- 220V AC adapter
- 5V DC USB bank for outdoor usage
Different LOW /HI alarms and threshold can be configured on PIT and FOOD channel
WiFI connection for remote monitor and control
Android smartphone dedicated app or web app to remote control your PID and FOOD and change setting

SmartPID off course support all the common features like  OLED graphical display with temperature/set point/fan speed indication and real time graph, on Board EEPROM for data logging and parameter configuration/recipe storage, SW update and loading via USB

Remote Control

The possibility to connect smartPID to wifi and remote monitor and control your BBQ allows you to watch your football match or have a beer with your friends without the need to physical control your kettle. Alarms and status are notified to your smartphone in real time.

Some BBQ recipes require temperature adjustment and in case of slow cooking maybe this can be done along few hours. No problem since you can do everything you do on the controller even from remote via smartphone dedicated app.

SmarPID is connected to the cloud server via MQTT protocol and manage all this types of data:

  • Periodic dynamic data notification (current PIT/FOOD temp, set point, blow fan speed..)
  • Asynchronous events (set point reached, LID open, stall etc..)
  • Advanced program configuration (differential cooking)
  • Commands from the remote smartphone app (Fan start/stop ,set point modification, LID open..)