SmartPID never stops to evolve, improve, add new features In this new SW release a couple of very attractive features coming form customer request     PID Auto tune the PID alghoritm is quite powerfl and precise and is commonly to control a variety of process but has one draw back : should be carefully tuned and adapted to the specific processes There are 3 constats (namely Kp, Ki , Kd) that regulates the algorithm behavior. In control theory there are few methos to find the proper setting for a specific process and this tuning algorithm can be also implemented automatically : this is the PID autotuning. In the smartPID SW has been implemented a routine that with an iteration process try to estimeate best KpKiKd settings. Off course this is just an help than you can fine tune and adjust amnually. A dedicated article on the wiki to this topic will expalin all auto tune secrets Fridge Motor Delay start this is a feature for Smart Themostat only and allow you to insert a safe guard delay period every time the motor fridge need to be switch ON/OFF frequently to avoid to damage the compressor When a transition ON → OFF occurs a timer is started that inhibit the ON transition of the fridge In case of ON transition during delay window the output will be ON when the timers expires In case of multiple transition during the delay window only the last transition is relevant, if is ON the output will be ON when timers expires if is OFF the output will be ON at the next natural ON during the delay window the cooling mode icon on the OLED will blink indicating the suspension of action  

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