SmartPID configuration example

As we have described in the post “flexible configuration and setup” trough HW set up SmartPID can be adapted to mange different applications below some example to illustrater the flexibilty   Single channel – PID (on/off) control mode – heating + pump   SmartPID reads temperature from 1 probe and drive the heating element in[…]

SmartPID flexible configuration and setup

The SmartPID controller has been designed to replace low cost simple thermostat with a smart controller that can be programmed and adapted to any process. The controller board has some unique HW and SW features that allow to configure it in an incredible variety of environment with total flexibility DUAL channel The controller support 2[…]

SmartPID remote control via smartphone app

As the name itself reports SmartPID has all the SMART features for remote monitoring and control your process a dedicated mobile application have been developed in order to retrieve the data from the cloud server (see post thingspeak integration) and visualize on the smartphone SmartPID push log data via wifi to the thingseak server and[…]

SmartPID thingspeak collect and analyze

As described in the post related to SmartPID thingspeak integration once the channel setup setup is completed and the controller configured during the run mode all the process parameter are pushed on the channel and stored in the thingspeak cloud service . Thingspeak provide a dashboard and a set of tool to visualize and manipulate[…]

SmartPID desgin concept

When I start designing the SmatPID I try to capture some requirements and functionalities that are actually not present in low cost thermostat and are more typical in the professional control device (PLC) but at the same time I put lot of effort to keep it simple, accessible, affordable for a consumer market and DIY[…]